Thursday, December 1, 2011

Embossed Christmas Cards - Grade 4/5

 It seems like every new project is my favorite. This one really was SO much fun though!
With the grade 4/5 class, we used embossing paper (SUCH a treat!) to make Christmas cards.

Students had the option of using tracers, or they could create their own designs.
 They worked SO hard to write things backwards, and treated the paper so carefully. It was really wonderful how excited they were to use the special embossing paper.

I'd love to post pictures of all of them, as they really are all amazing, but they're nearly impossible to take good pictures of. I made the kids leave them with me though, as I plan on putting them in the school's art show (more about this soon!)

If you've never tried embossing paper, you must. It's really easy to do a good job, and the results are pretty spectacular. I went out this afternoon and bought more, since I have to do this project again.

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