Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grade 6 - Line art using names/sharpies

I noticed today that I have 15 followers - for me, this is very exciting. I am so happy that there are at least some people who are reading this blog regularly! I must edit and say that since I posted, I now have follower #16!! Hey there!

I don't have a ton of projects to post, as it's only the first week back, and I'm in the middle of several 2 period lessons. Instead, I'll post something one of my students did randomly that I loved. In my grade 5/6 class, we have penpals that we often write to. I give my kids about half an hour to decorate their envelopes. One of my girls asked if she could stay in at recess to finish hers, which seemed odd. When I saw the finished product, I was so shocked - it's SO beyond nice!!
I really hope receiving kid keeps it. I am inspired to use this idea as an art project though - I love the  background, straight black name, etc. Very proud!!

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