Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter cardinal art - grade 2

I did a different kind of project with my grade 2's recently, a bit more arts and crafts-y than I usually do.

I found a great example of how to draw a cardinal here. My initial idea was to just have the students do this exact drawing, as I think it's quite beautiful, but then I found some double sided foam stickers and decided it would be more fun (and WAY more compicated) if they did EACH component of the drawing seperately, then layered the foam stickers on each other to make the pictures look 3D.

It's really hard to tell, but all components of the picture are on different levels. The blue backgrounds are mounted onto the white, then the branches are mounted on to the blue. Two back to back foam stickers are mounted on each other to put on the bird, so it really sticks out. Then the flower was stuck on with another foam sticker. The picture has a TON of dimension, but it was hard to capture with my iPhone!

 Some kids opted to color the background using pastels instead of layering tissue paper. It really didn't matter much to me, although I do love the intensity of the tissue.

 Here's some pictures of the projects "in progress". In total, it took 2 periods to complete.

I'm really not a fan of pastels, but they DO have their place. This is the kind of project that they work really well for.

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