Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's day Op-h-Art Optical Illusions - grade 2/3

Using a technique I tried a while back, I came up with an idea to do a Valentine's day inspired op-art project.

I made this template for the students to use, because I did this project with... wait for it... grades TWO AND THREE!! I was dying to try this project this week but my 6th graders didn't  finish their other work in time, so I decided to do it with a grade 2/3 class. I gave them the template with the few hearts drawn on it VERY lightly, just so they wouldn't make things too hard on themselves by drawing the hearts too thin or too close together.

Here's the steps to complete the project.
Start by drawing lines going up to the heart:

Then draw the lines on the other side. It really actually isn't that important if they match up (especially if you are doing it with younger kids.) In the end, it doesn't really change the effect. 
 When you have finished the lines all around the exterior, start filling in the heart (or whatever other shape or idea you have!) Instead of drawing them straight, they are to be drawn with a slight upwards bump.
 As you get to the longer sections, don't make an arc the entire way. Just bump up on the sides, and go straight through the center.
 Finish up, stand back about 2 feet, and you should have a great looking optical illusion! It looks even better if you lightly shade inside the heart with pencil crayons.
And now.. onto some of the ones completed by the second and third graders! (!!!)

 Also.. one of my 6th grade boys who finished his work early had a chance to make this, and it's really  the cutest thing ever.

Love is in the air!

Before I go, I want to say a HUGE thank you to another blog I adore, Smart Art for Kids, who gave me a shout out and as a result, several new followers. I really love the art blogging community, and I appreciate so much that people are willing to share their followers with me. Make sure to check her blog out!


  1. I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this post over on my art video site.


    1. I definitely don't mind, thanks so much for your support!

  2. love your heart idea! you really make it look easy and fun. Thanks

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