Monday, March 19, 2012

A quick little update!

I'm back from Iceland and desperately trying to catch up, so this will be a quick little update on a cute, Icelandic artist-inspired lesson I did.

I found out about a really neat artist from Iceland named ErrĂ³. He does lots of these portraits that are half mixed with monster like creatures.
I thought it would be really funny if the grade 3's did this as well, especially since it's a fun way to do self portraits.

Following a lesson on how to draw a face (including dimensions, shapes of noses, mouths, eyes, etc.) students were each given a mirror. They studied the contours of their face, then began to draw a self portrait. When they were done, they colored it in in pencil crayon.

Then came the hard part - cutting their beautiful portrait in half. They were kind of delighted about cutting their work, but also shocked that they were cutting something they had spent so much time on.

They then used half of their face as a guide, and drew a monster or animal on the other side, keeping in mind the dimensions of their head, and the placement of their features.
They repeated the same thing for the other side of the monster/animal. When they finished that drawing, they colored it in in pencil crayon, and cut it in half.

Then, they cut all around their people/animals, and glued them (in this order: person, monster, monster, person) onto a piece of colored cardstock.

Such a cute little project!


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