Sunday, March 25, 2012

Turtles - grade 2/3

This is a great project that I found in Dynamic Art Projects for Children. I did it with grade 2/3 instead of grade 4/5 as the lesson was written for, and I am super pleased with the results!

This project was really quite simple: On day 1, they separated a piece of black paper into 10-15 sections, then colored them in with chalk pastels. They had to use 2 different colors per section, then blend them as much as they could in the middle. When they were done, they used white pastel to darken the lines between the sections.

On day 2, they drew the turtle on a second piece of black paper. I showed them how to separate the back into hexagonal sections (this was tough but they did great!) Then, they colored the sections in using chalk pastels. When they were finished, I helped the glue the turtle down using tacky glue (glue sticks wouldn't do the trick, because they are gluing directly onto chalk pastel.)

That's it! A really simple lesson about blending (and I love how the turtle "blends" in to the background!)


  1. I love how you used white pastel instead of paint to divide all the sections. I tested the original plan with paint, but will use your suggestions next time.

  2. love this idea. I'm going to try this in class. You have some great ideas, can't wait to try some of them out. Have you heard of the artsite - I try to upload as much art to the site for parents as I can. If you check it out, look for my school Earl Kitchener

  3. Kids love turtles, good subject matter to grab their attention. I also like the blending requirement!

  4. I plan to use this for my seniors for World Turtle day May 23rd.

  5. What a great project. I love the camouflage aspect of this.

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