Friday, April 27, 2012

Grade 6 - European explorer linked art

This is a great project that I did with my grade 6 students. We are currently studying European explorers, and the technology that they used when navigating. We studied the compass, the sextant, the hourglass, and the astrolabe. Students did research about a technology piece of their choice, and then they made elaborate drawings of their chosen technology piece! Some did their drawings on paper then glued them onto the map, while others just drew right onto the map pieces. I burned the edges at home - the smell made me feel ill, but the results are so beautiful! They used gold paint and watercolor to finish off their paintings. What a phenomenal piece of work!

Unfinished compass (needs to be painted!)


  1. I love these, especially those directly on the map pieces. I'd really like to try making compasses in clay. This project reminded me of that. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. These are cool and a great link to Social Studies/History. Where did you get the map paper from?

    1. I just saw this!I just ripped up an old atlas.

  3. Such a simple but very effective idea! I would love to try this out with my children!


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