Monday, May 21, 2012

Holton Rower Pour Paint - grade 2/3

I have been terrible at updating this past week. With the warm weather finally here, I find I can't force myself to sit at my computer and upload/edit my photos. I am going to make an effort though!

This is a project I did about a week ago. This was my second time doing a Holton Rower inspired pour paint project (see my first try here .) This is one of those projects that just seems to turn out amazingly, no matter what age. This time, I did it with grade 2 and 3.  As with before, we used drywall pucks, but this time, I tried using some Styrofoam balls in place of cubes (I had them leftover from when we made our paper mache hand puppets.)

This project really doesn't require a lot in order to work. I had several leftover containers of acrylic paint (the small sized containers from the dollar store.) Each kid was allowed to use whatever colors they wanted, however many they wanted. They could cover the entire puck, or leave some showing. The only real rule was that they could only take one color at a time (to prevent kids hording colors at their desk.)

This time, I also let them add sparkles to the top. I really feel like this was the extra pizazz that was missing last time! Both the boys and the girls had fun shaking sparkles on, and they stayed on really well after it dried.

Clean up for this project is next to none. We tossed the old plates after they were dry and that was really it! Definitely could be done with kids as young as kindergarten, and I can't think of an upper grade that wouldn't enjoy this.

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  1. Cool. Very cool. They look like scoops of ice cream!


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