Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grade 3/4 Hundertwasser Flowers

Arugh! It's the last couple of weeks of school and I am SWAMPED! I am trying my best to keep up with updates, but it's so hard between grad, awards assemblies, making the yearbook, report cards, etc. Yeesh!

This is a lesson that I did over three art periods with a grade 3/4 class, inspired by Deep Space Sparkle.We spent the entire first art period painting papers (one with cool colors, one with warm colors.) The next period they were with a supply teacher, so unfortunately not as much got done as possible - they probably could have finished by the second period. But at any rate, the second and third period were spent choosing their backround color, cutting strips for the background, and making the flowers using circle tracers. They look wonderful - tons of work! Sorry there are not more pictures, I am just not organized right now!


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