Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY - faux-antler neklace holder

Here's a craft I made last week. I wanted something to put my necklaces on, so I decided to make some faux-antlers! I saw many versions of this on Pinterest, but used this one as a guide. I learned during the process - there are definitely things I would change when doing them again, but I am happy enough with how they turned out!

1. This is the backing piece of wood that I will be using to affix my faux-antlers.
2. Begin building an antler shape using tin foil. This doesn’t have to be too thick, as you will build upon it with you Sculptey.
3. Add details to your antlers – look at a photo online for inspiration!
4. Begin to cover your antlers with Sculptey. This is where you can make them really thick.

5. Finish building your antler – try to smooth out the lumps as much as you can.
6.  Build your second antler, and cook them as per Sculptey directions (I left mine in about 30 minutes.) Take them out and let them cool. I gave mine a bit of a sanding, to smooth them out.
7. Paint! I somehow didn’t get a picture of myself painting the antlers… I’m the worst sometimes. For what it’s worth, I used the paint colors Antique White, Gold, and Raw Umber. 
8. Screw your antlers into your wood piece.

9. Here you can see the antlers screwed into the plaque. My biggest problem with them in that the color came out much too dark - I got a little paint happy with the Raw Umber color, and I think it's just a bit much.
10. Using Martha Stewart's clay silicone molds, I made lettering for my board (saying Necklaces, etc.)
11. I glued the letters to the board.
12. The finished product! It's really strong, and definitely supports the necklaces really well.

Well, that's it! I will post when I try making more antlers. I think I can do much better with the paint job!

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  1. What a crazy fun idea! I'd like to make them - but perhaps in crazy colors? Pinning...


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