Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guest blogging

I'm so excited to share that I have written a guest blog for 52 Weeks Blog! 52 Weeks Blog is a great DIY/crafting blog that features a new project every week. I go there regularly for inspiration, and I am so thrilled to have been given the chance to write a tutorial for them! The project I shared uses plain ceramic kitchen tiles and alcohol ink to make pretty little coasters.

Please head on over to 52 Weeks Project for the full tutorial!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've sent all over Pinterest and the results are gorgeous. I'd never even heard of alcohol inks do nice I need to figure out where to find them!

  2. Aargh - iPad autocorrection does it again. The second sentence should read: I'd never heard of alcohol inks so now I need to figure out where to find them!

    1. I knew what you meant!
      You should be able to find it at Michaels, and I would assume Joann's would carry it as well!

  3. Don't know why I never thought of adding alcohol inks to tiles. These are gorgeous!

  4. what is aerosol finisher?

  5. I found the alcohol inks (Adirondack) at Michael's. But I don't know what aerosol finisher is or where to find it. Is there a particular brand of aerosol finisher you use?

  6. this was a great tutorial! i've seen this same technique applied to drinking glasses. but do you know if the alcohol-ink is waterproof/non-toxic? so if i wanted to do this technique on drinking glasses, it would be safe to put beverages in and wash? or would i have to use an "aerosol finisher"?

  7. First, I'm excited to have found you - I want to make ALL these projects. Too bad I don't have any kids. I'll have to find some to borrow :)

    Second, I'm glad you watermarked your pictures b/c I found you via a pin that linked to nowhere.


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