Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Watercolor Marker/Chalk Pastel Scarecrows - grade 3/4

This must be an indication of how busy I was during the move - these projects are from early October! I just found these photos while clearing out my camera, and they were too cute not to share.We did a group draw to make the basic form of the scarecrow, then they were free to add details, change anything they wanted, etc. They drew first in pencil, then traced in Sharpie.

The next week, they began coloring in their scarecrows using the watercolor marker technique, which I explained in a bit more detail here. I'm such a fan of this technique! When they were finished coloring the scarecrows, they used chalk pastels to make swirly, sunset-y backgrounds for their pictures. LOVE these!!

Surprisingly, I have a few more projects I never posted -I'll get them up soon!!

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  1. I really love the different techniques you teach your students. Do you use any special kind of paper when doing these projects?

    1. Thanks! I always use a drawing paper of some kind - I really can't stand working with computer paper. But nothing too expensive!


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