Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heritage self portraits - grade 2

This project, if you can believe it, is from LAST APRIL! I had completely forgotten about it until I was going through old pictures on my iPhone. I chose to do this project because the grade 2 class was studying different countries, and each student was doing a project on a country of their choice (most of which related to their heritage.) I decided that instead of doing the standard cartoony-self portraits that I had planned on doing with them, we would up the ante a little bit by coloring their faces using the colors and design of their country of choice's flag.  I made the example below using Iceland (I have no ties to that country, except I had just returned from my trip there the week before we began this project.)
Here are some of the finished projects! I'll be honest, I really can't remember what countries these flags represent.

They're cute, right? They were a nice tie-in with their country projects. Can't believe I forgot about these until now!


  1. Hi Aly
    What a great self-portrait idea. I have never seen one like this. It would be interesting for those students with mixed heritage to incorporate a second flag into their clothes. I'm pinning this one right away! Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Aly
    I did your lesson with my third graders and wrote it up on my blog. It was easy, fun and really successful! I even entered one artwork in our local museum's youth art exhibition. Here is the link: http://www.k6art.com/2013/02/13/heritage-self-portraits/ Thanks again for yet another great lesson plan.


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