Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chinese Lion Dancers - grade 4/5

This is a project that I did with my grade 4/5 class. We began the project back in January, if you can believe it, and it took four or five class periods for them to finish (much longer than I had anticipated!) We just had an unfortunate run of interruptions during our art block that made this project take so much longer than I would have guessed.

I originally saw this project on SmartClass. She has great directions for how to draw the lion, so I would encourage you to check them out!

With me, students drew in Sharpie, and then added fireworks using pastels during the first class. The next three classes were painting - students used watercolors for most of the painting, then used gold and silver tempera paint to add in details. They turned out beautifully!

Our March break is ending, back tomorrow after a week off. Yikes! Better start planning!


  1. Hi Aly, these look great! Did the students use pencil and then texta, or go straight to texta?

    1. I had to google what texta meant!

      I'm pretty sure they went right in marker first, I don't think we used pencil for this!

      Thanks! :)


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