Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat - grade 1

I can confidently say this is the cutest project I've done with a class so far this year. It blows me away that these are done by first graders. We only have one week until March break, so I wanted to do something that they could complete in 40 minutes. I decided to do a Dr Seuss project, as it was apparently his birthday this week (as someone who primarily teaches 5/6 grade, I had no idea of this, but I've seen some posts lately that reminded me.) I've never actually been a huge fan of Dr Seuss, for no reason other than I wasn't really exposed to him as a child. I do, however, think his artwork is fabulous, and I really loved using his Cat in the Hat character as inspiration for this art.

Students drew right away in Sharpie, then used watercolor paint to add the red. Then, they cut out their drawings, and glued them onto blue paper. So, so simple!

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