Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Roosters inspired by roosters inspired by Le Coq

The title isn't a mistake - these roosters aren't inspired by Picasso's Le Coq - they are inspired by a project another teacher did inspired by Picasso's Le Coq. Make sense? I saw this project here, and fell in love with the last little rooster - the simply colored one giving the thumbs up. The original poster did this project with grades 5/6, but I figured it would work well with my grade 3/4s. It was a great project because it let them draw something adorable and creative, and they had the freedom to put their own twist on it. Pastels on black paper were the perfect medium for this project. Love it!


  1. These roosters are hysterical!! I SO LOVE THEM! It looks like a project they boys would get into also!


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