Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flowers on salvaged paper - grade 1

I'm a huge fan of using dictionary pages for anything and everything. At my school, we have a huuuuge collection of dictionaries, and as you can imagine, there isn't a ton of use for them. Rather than watching them sit on the shelves or get recycled, I have spent my year trying to find different uses for them!

One of the first projects I did this year (alllll the way back in September!) were these flowers on dictionary paper. I showed the grade 1 students how to draw a variety of flowers, then they used sharpie on the paper to create a page full of flowers, facing in different directions, some coming off the page, etc. When they were finished drawing, they colored them in using tempera pucks and watercolors. It was perfect for the beginning of the year, because it let me really see where they were artistically. They looked really beautiful all together!

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