Friday, February 14, 2014

Simple bathroom makeover - for around $100!

Our main floor bathroom was a hideous disaster that I'm surprised we tolerated for as long as we did.We went a good 7 or 8 months living with the "before" bathroom, which I actively hated, before I took this renovation on in the summer. Had I known the makeover would have been so simple and inexpensive, I would have done it the week we moved in.

The previous owners had the bathroom decorated like this, and I would actually argue it was better than what we did when we first moved in. At least their shower curtain had a bit of life in it.

We moved in, used an old shower curtain from who knows when, changed out the toilet seat. and called it a day. But, like I said, months of seeing that dank, dark bathroom finally got to me, and for only about a hundred dollars, we were able to transform the bathroom into a much more beautiful space!

The first thing I did in the bathroom was repaint. A while back I scored an amazing deal on paint (25 cans for a buck a piece, that I could come back and retint whenever I wanted) so I brought in two cans and got one tinted in a nice teal color, and a second one tinted in an antique white (to paint the wainscoting.)It took a couple of coats to cover that awful beige, but I was so happy to see it gone.

The wainscoting made the biggest difference in the room. Since the bathroom isn't very big, it cost really little to do. I can't find the exact product we used online, but at Lowe's, we found a big sheet of wainscoting that, when cut in half, gave us the perfect height for what we wanted in the bathroom. Each sheet cost $35, and two sheets was enough to do the entire bathroom. In the interest of keeping it really easy, I had the sheets cut in half at Lowe's, so that we would only have to do minor cuts to fit it in the bathroom.

The installation was super simple, and I ended up doing most of it myself. I placed it over the previously existing baseboards (which were double height for some reason, but I actually really like the way it looks.) I used a nail gun to put the pieces in place, and then topped them off with a piece of chair rail. I then painted the entire bottom portion in the antique white color (baseboards included.)

The last thing I had to do was find the perfect shower curtain, and find a few decorations to spruce things up. It actually took a couple of months for me to find a shower curtain, but I finally came across one at Home Outfitters for about $20 (it was on sale half price) that fit the room perfectly.

Joel's parents had a great old scale they were getting rid of that they gave to me, which matched the walls really well. The old window I got for $5 at a garage sale a few years ago, and I've just been waiting for a spot to put it (it used to be hung here in our kitchen, but we since put in a real window!)

There are many things I'd do if money weren't an issue - I'd love to change the flooring (can you believe that's actually the color of the grout? It's not just dirty!) to something much darker. Maybe a dark, wood look ceramic tile.

If I had the money, I'd also change the vanity to something much cuter - probably to something simple and modern, still white cabinets with a darker counter top. And while I'm dreaming, I would throw in a claw foot tub instead of the standard builder tub that's there right now. But for now, I'm content to live with our inexpensively made over bathroom!


  1. You are the room makeover queen! I love the fresh light colors you've chosen. They work so nice in a tiny space. Nice job!

  2. A floral is one of the best choices, a light and a summer design. A design that everyone love! A simple bathroom to a classy one!

    Sebastian Chuter

  3. Nice! I have to agree that you did better than the previous owner by removing all the necessary decorations on the wall, which only made it look messier. And good job with adding fresh light colors for a change. Anyway, I know you are sticking to a budget of around $100, but if ever you’re going for a total makeover, I suggest you go for a shower glass. Lynne, Suburban Glass

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