Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sneaky bunnies - grade 2

Ohh, who are the sneakiest little bunnies! I did these with my second graders today, using an idea I saw here. It was a great lesson for teaching foreground and background. They also loved doing the little floppy ear. While these would have been good around Easter, it was really snowy here at that time, and it's definitely a project that is better done when the weather is nice and the grass is green.

We did them on construction paper and colored them in with oil pastels. They took about 40 minutes to do, so with our extra time, we did a bunny hop around the school, showing off our art. Before we went on our bunny hop, I gave them talk about how bunnies are quiet, and how they hop, hop, hop everywhere. As soon as we left, I had 18 kids behind me saying "hop, hop, hop, hop." Sigh.

Such great work by the little 2nd grade bunnies!


  1. Ander was so happy to see his bunny posted here! So proud! Thanks!


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