Friday, June 1, 2012

Warm & cool peacocks - grade 2/3

This is an amazing project that I found on SmART Class. Ever since I saw it in March, I have been dying to try it out. Here's how we did it.

Day 1: Students were given 2 sheets of paper, one large (11x17) and one small (8.5x11). They had to paint one of the papers with warm colors, and one with cool colors. Students also had to paint their hand (black, with red tips and an orange thumb) and stamp it onto a new sheet of paper. They used black paint to touch up any parts that didn't stamp well, and to draw the neck.

Day 2: Students used a tracer to trace their feathers (5 of them) on their large sheet. The small sheet was cut into circles, which were glued onto the feathers. I made a photo copy of an eye shape, and students got to color it with oil pastels and cut it out.They added white feathers to their peacock hand, and colored a line through the beak with pastels. 

Almost all of the kids were done within the two hour period. 

I LOVE THEM! So hard to believe these were done by 2nd and 3rd grade students!

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