Friday, January 4, 2013

Homemade Christmas crafts - grade 5/6

I have been dying to post these for a while but wanted to wait until I was *sure* (hopefully?) that the parents in my class had been gifted these works of art, so that I don't spoil anyone's presents.

This year, for our Christmas gifts to parents, I taught my class how to embroider!

We began the process in early December, with a trip to the computer lab where students picked out simple designs that they thought their parents would like. After collecting some embroidery hoops from parents, and purchasing the rest from Michael's and Fabricland, my students began to work on their embroidery!

I found some photos online showing how to do a splitstitch (my stitch of choice, it's great for beginners because they don't accidentally leave gaping holes between two of their stitches). I gave each student a copy of the photos for reference, but I feel like it was easier for them to just watch me demonstrate how to do it. Some students struggled with threading their needles, but overall, the embroidery part of this went so quickly. Several students had time to do multiple embroidery projects!

When they were finished, they were given a frame, which they used to frame their projects. Hopefully we had some happy parents on Christmas morning!

Overall I would say this was one of the least difficult projects I have done of this kind (think: weaving, knitting, etc.) The kids picked it up really quickly, and seemed to really enjoy the process!


  1. Hi aly
    I love this project. The 'cards' are original and charming. You always have such fabulous projects!

  2. Love this project and I want to do it with my students but my question is how did they make the image onto the embroidery? Did they simply look at the printed image and then sew or did they lay the printed image on top of the fabric and rip it off after they embroidered?

    1. Hello! They used tracing paper that I picked up at a fabric store, then they just traced on top of their drawings with a penil and thE drawing came through !


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