Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ugly holiday sweaters - grade 4/5

 This is kind of the project that never was. We started it with three Mondays left to go before Holidays. Students were given an outline of a sweater, predrawn, that they got to decorate using bold patterns, drawings, and lines, a la Ugly Christmas Sweater. By the end of the first period, most students had finished the drawing, which meant they could paint them with watercolor the next week, leaving us a final week to do a Christmas card or something for their parents.

Fast forward a week later - our first snow day of the year! Most students weren't there that day, and the ones that were sort of staggered in late. Anyone who came worked on their painting, but most of the drawings sat untouched on my art shelf. I recalculated in my head - the next Monday, the last week before break, the rest of the students could finish up their paintings and at least have those to bring home for Christmas.

The following Monday, guess what...ANOTHER snow day! Most of the same students were there, so they finished up their paintings and glued them on cute paper, but really, all told, maybe 6 or 7 kids finished? The rest are, still, sitting in a pile on my art shelf. *Sigh.* I do really love the ones that were finished, though!


  1. What a fun idea, especially in the pre-holiday craziness! We're the cut out and glued on wrapping paper? (That's how it looks.). If so, what a marvelous idea! Perhaps these could be done next time in marker or crayon to expedite the process, since things always go awry in the days before Christmas vacation.

    1. Hey Phyl! It wasn't wrapping paper, it was Christmas scrapbook paper - although now that you've mentioned it, wrapping paper would definitely be a less expensive option! Also agreed about marker. When I had three weeks before break, and no idea that snowdays were about to ruin my plans, it seemed like a great idea to use paint. I like to use paint as often as I can with them, because for lots of kids, it's the only time they'll get to use it. But you're right, in this case, I should have folded and broken out the markers!

  2. Hi! Would you be able to share that sweater template?

  3. What kind of directions did you give your students before they started?

  4. I hope you don’t mind. I posted a link to this post in my blog for art sub lessons.


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