Monday, April 22, 2013

The big kitchen reveal - Our $2300 entire kitchen renovation!

I am so, so excited to share with everyone our kitchen reveal!I have been posting for weeks about the little updates that we have been doing since we moved in, but we are now finally at the point where everything in the kitchen is finished (for the most part - there will always be little updates!)

I'll start with a few before and afters, as I love to see the difference! My favorite parts - the floors, and the white cabinets (previously cream and black..ugh!)

This is my favorite view in the whole room,  the view I get every time I walk into the kitchen from the main hallway. It's where I see the most of my floors, plus our beloved picnic dining table (passed down to me by my parents - my dad even had it shipped here from cross country from Edmonton!)

You also get a great view of the light fixture Joel made using reclaimed wood and mason jars.

Isn't that little ladder cute? My neighbor was throwing it out last week and I grabbed it! I want to find something to put on top of it, but can't decide what, yet.

Here's a better view of the floors. I still can't get over them! I'm so relieved that Joel loves them as much as he does, because I sort of dumped the idea of doing herringbone floors on him, and they ended up being a LOT of work.

Here's what we see when entering the kitchen from the living room. This is around where the picnic table is:

Here's the floating shelves that we made. They've held up really well so far, and are so much more convenient than closed shelves!

 And finally, one more shot of the sink area.  The apron front sink has been one of the best changes that we've made in the kitchen. It's huge and lovely and it cleans up so easily. 

I am so happy to be finished our kitchen. This was a long project. We worked for months on almost all aspects of our kitchen, including:
and many other things that never even made the blog (painting all of the baseboards, painting the door frame, installing potlights, buying a new faucet, etc.), the expenses of which totaled about $400.

I'm really proud of us for doing this all for $2300. With the amount of things we want to do in our house, it just isn't reasonable for us to spend a lot of money on renos. Doing our kitchen so cheaply meant we had to work slowly, using what we had, or waiting for sales (or kijiji deals.) Things like buying flooring took us weeks, as we scoured for deals and worked out every possible way for them to be the least expensive possible. But in the end, the patience was so worth it!

And now, we are on to the next projects! Joel's busy working on a huge, beautiful new lighting project for our TV room. He came up with this one all by himself, and I am so excited to see it finished! I'll make sure to post pictures when he's done.

Have a great week!


  1. Beautiful!!! You should feel very proud of yourself!

  2. Wow! I would so live there. Great work!

  3. So nice to see the finished project; you and Joel should be very proud of the job you've done. Very impressive! By the way, I love the geometric black and white rug, and as for the ladder, in my house I'd use it for one if my approximately 10 million house plants, half of which are sitting on the floor for lack of a place to put them. Congrats!

    1. Thanks a lot Phyl! Yes, the ladder definitely would work with a plant. Have to find something just right!

  4. Very cool! Visiting from YHL forums today :)

    Lovin' the floor and budget!
    Smiles, MaytagNMom in NW Illinois

  5. I love it those floors! I will definitely be keeping those in mind for my pretend future home. :)

  6. Wow.. great wrok. I really like it..

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  8. Wow your kitchen looks fantastic! I was thinking of doing a herringbone patterned floor in my kitchen with marmolium in shades of grey and love your tutorial. What colors are your kitchen walls painted in the before and afters. Love them both.

  9. This is GORGEOUS! Found you via YHL forums & can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.

  10. OMG what amazing floors. I'm sure you probably questioned yourself a thousand times while agonizing through them but they look FANTASTIC! And they fit your home so well. I need advice on how you convinced your husband, because I NEED to do this too.

    Linked over from YHL forums, and man this was well worth the click.

    Nice to see a fellow Canuck too!

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  11. This reno is absolutely amazing!! You did an awesome job!! I am nervously waiting to tackle my kitchen reno and am afraid of the cost. Seeing you be able to make something so beautiful for such a reasonable cost gives me hope!!

  12. Great job. I love, love the light fixture and I can believe the countertops were made from doors for just a $100. I have been begging the hubby to get countertops similar to that!

  13. The new look of your kitchen isn't far from how way it was before. It still has the same white theme but combined with a lighter tone of gray for a new twist.. However, I can see how the area became more appealing. The addition of new appliances and fixtures, lighting, and new flooring enhanced its elegant setting. You should really be proud of yourself with this wonderful renovation! :)

    Herb Koguchi @ Kroll Construction

  14. The 'before' and 'after' are almost equally beautiful. I guess you get tired of its 'before' look too long, so you decided to give it a little modification. I like the floor of the new one, but I prefer the color of the walls, and the dining table before. Overall, I like it all. Arthur

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  16. I can’t believe this cost only $2300! That’s something to be jealous of. It appears that you made a lot of changes here, but looking closely, there’s nothing much. The only major changes were the flooring and the fridge? The rest wes a makeover done well. Byron @

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  23. You did a great job. It's SO pretty & provides a lot of texture! What thickness of plywood went under it? I don't understand the wood being "prepped"-- did that put a tongue & groove along the edge, or a slit(?) How would that make it easier? How thick was the wood & what size gun/nails did you use? Thanks!

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