Monday, September 2, 2013

Antique treasure maps - grades 4-8

Ok I am being worse than usual at updating! Summer has just been toooo appealing - we've been working like crazy on the house, and I have been busily getting ready to teach a new grade, in a new division, at a new school!

This is probably my favorite project that we did during my Summer art camp. I actually just came up with it while we were at the park one day, as the kids were playing in the sand, digging and hiding treasure. I asked if they wanted to try drawing treasure maps, and they were all really excited!

To create the maps, I first had my students research antique treasure maps. They looked at a variety of compasses, and decided on the style they wanted. They sectioned out islands, which they outlined using Sharpie, and then colored the edges using pencil to make them stand out more. The next step was details - students used thin Sharpie to add mountains, trees, monsters, pretty much anything they wanted! When everyone was finished, we used brown liquid watercolor to dye the paper brown. The next day, my camp volunteers helped to burn the edges of the paper, giving them an aged look.

They were soo proud of these, and I don't blame them - I LOVE them!!

This last one was done by a student of mine that is just such a talented artist. She had to leave before we got around to burning the edges, but the finished product is still beautiful. I'd hang this on my wall!

 Tomorrow is my first day at my new school - wish me luck!!


  1. I love this!! I had boys who always wanted to make treasure maps and I never obliged. The addition of the compass is what makes these super-special! Pinning!!.,

  2. Love them, pinning now. They might look great if they are soaked in tea too. Best wishes for your new job.

  3. how do you soak the paper? Do you dilute the liquid watercolor? How long do you soak the in it? I Love this, Aly, I think I might start this with 4th grade next week! Super cool!!!

    1. Thanks!! I dilute the liquid watercolor in a bin of water. I just kinda dip the first one in and if it comes out clear I add more watercolor. Then I submerge them for a good while (several hours) then dry them. Works like a charm, much better than tea~!

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