Friday, September 30, 2011

Urban/rural bird collages

Today I did my first ever collage with a grade 2/3 class. I found an idea similar to this somewhere online, but I can't find the original source so I don't know how I can credit it! If anyone ever stumbles upon it, please let me know.

My plan was to make these collages (I figured it goes with urban and rural studies, which they will be doing soon enough)

I started by cutting out pages from an old atlas (Notice I did my example on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.)
 Kids had to cut out the white border, and glue it onto the black papers (pre-cut by my grade 6's).
 Then they used black cardstock to cut out the power lines.
 Then they used "pretty paper" (aka scrapbooking paper) to cut out grass and flowers. Finally they added some birds to the top of the power lines, and our first ever collage was done!

I find when I look at these, I imagine that the birds traveled to wherever their map says. This took a full 1 hour period to complete, but was nice because students didn't need to bring more than glue and scissors. A nice, successful, EASY Friday afternoon!

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  1. Love your map art! It goes along with my Trucks art project I am working on with my 2nd and 3rd graders right now where we are using maps for our sky background. I will be posting their projects soon on my blog
    Check out Hubbell's book Trucks. Megan's illustrations are perfect to go with your project. Patty at Deep Space Sparkle did a project and interview with her as well.


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