Friday, November 11, 2011

Mix of art and literacy - grade 5/6

I'm going to show this one off, as it is one of my favorite projects.

We take a relatively simple story (it's great if they are a series, a that provides several examples for the students). After studying it, students re-write the story, putting themselves in it.

Last year, we did it with the M. et Mme books. Each student got their own personality trait (M. Artiste, Mme Sportive, etc.) and wrote and illustrated stories about them.

This year, we used the stories "Le probleme avec..."

After reading them, students had to make up their own "probleme avec" themselves. (My example was that I enjoy sewing, and eventually I sewed the entire class together.)

The nice thing about these books is that they use a very strict template, so all of the books end up looking similar - like a real book series.

Check out just a few of the AMAZING works of art I got!

 The illustrations inside are fantastic - such attention to detail!

Love this project. A great mix of art and literacy!

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