Friday, March 30, 2012

Legoman contour shading - grade 4/5

I am so happy with this lesson! This is one I came up with myself (FINALLY!) and I had a great time with it. If your school is anything like mine, then Legoman is a very popular character amongst the kids. I even made my own Lego man costume for Halloween last year. So I decided, what better way to study contour shading then to draw your own Legoman head!?

Students studied the shape of Legoman's head, and drew the basic shape. Then using chalk pastels, they shaded in the head, concentrating darkness on the sides, and getting lighter as they worked into the center. They used white pastels to highlight, in order to make the head really appear cylindrical. When the shading was finished, they added the little Legoman face. I must say, the results were adorable!

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