Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My shadow and me! - grade 6

I saw this amazing project a few weeks ago on Mini Matisse, and wanted to give it a try with grade 6 students (instead of grade 8, as the original lesson was intended.) While it was an incredibly difficult project for them to do, they finished them today, and I am very proud of the results!

I took photos of the students using my iPhone, emailed them to my computer, and printed them.

I can post instructions if anyone would like them - just let me know if you need them before I spent the time making them up! :)


  1. GREAT!!! I love them. Thanks for placing a link and credit. I appreciate it!

    Nic Hahn

    1. Thanks!! They were definitely difficult to do with grade 6, but they turned out great. such a great idea!!


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