Monday, April 9, 2012

How to make a hidden door foldable - DIY Tutorial

The hidden door foldable. I only learned about it last week, and I was so eager to incorporate it into my classroom that I changed around a flight final project so that we could use it. It was a bit complicated to figure out but I had the help of this blog.

I had some girls who wanted to stay in at recess on Thursday, so I had them make me a video how-to for this wonderful foldable. Big thanks to my girls for their hard work! If the text on the video seems small, just leave me a comment and I'll help interpret it!

I absolutely love the way these turned out, and my students had SO much fun making them! They practically didn't realize they were doing a combined social studies/science project.

Here's a few examples from my kids below:

I'm currently behind on many posts! I spent my long weekend sewing, which was great, but as a result, I didn't get much else done. I will try and catch up over the week!


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