Monday, May 28, 2012

Birdhouses - grade 2

This is a one day project that I did with my 2nd graders. The weather was beautiful, and I felt inspired by the birds outside. Working off a lesson I found at Deep Space Sparkle, I guided the students through a drawing lesson and showed them how to paint their birdhouse sticks so that they would appear "3-D".

Students started by drawing the birdhouses on large construction paper, using pencil. They worked hard on certain details, like the little perch for the bird, to make it look 3-D.

When they were done drawing, they painted in the stick, mixing brown with white and black to give a gradient effect.

After, they painted the birdhouse however they wanted! Some took the time to add in clouds and grass, and one student even colored the sky in the background!

When they were finished with that, they used scraps of paper, from a grade 2/3 classes non-objective art projects back in November, to trace cute little birds which they glued onto their artwork.

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  1. I tried this project as well. Instead of painting the birds, I used fabric pieces. The students drew their bird onto the fabric and cut them out. They looked awesome and it was something different for the kids to use.


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