Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chinese dragons - grade 4/5

In grade 5, students learn about ancient civilizations. Since the grade 4/5 class was currently learning about ancient China, I decided to come up with a lesson where they would draw big, beautiful, coloring Chinese dragons!

We did a little lesson about the significance of dragons in ancient China, and then began our drawing. Drawings were done on construction paper, and colored in using oil pastels. Students had total freedom when it came to colors and details. When they were done, they used a Chinese alphabet I had printed off the internet to create their names in Chinese characters. This activity took between 2 and 3 periods to complete.

I found this wonderful how to at this site, which I have pasted below. This helped me a lot, and outlines the basic steps that I used when showing the kids how to draw the dragon.

Here's a few more finished drawings!

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