Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A different kind of entry

You can accomplish both in one shot - just vote for me to win a car!

I am trying to win a car, while at the same time, give away $1,000 ($500 to someone who votes for me + a $500 donation to the Education Foundation, a great organization that provides support to children in my school board.) The $500 cash prize and donation are contingent upon me winning the car. If I win, you win! My odds are really good, so far there are only eight entries! (this means your odds of winning $500 are really good too!)

To vote, you must go here and vote for my video (watch it too - it's cute!)


If I win the contest, I will give a $500 cash prize (money transfer) to one of the people who votes for me. The odds are REALLY good for one of you to win this! You can vote EVERY day and enter to win my $500 prize EVERY day!

This sweepstakes is open to both Canada and the USA.

Every time you vote, MAKE SURE to leave a comment on the facebook page (there's a spot to leave comments right underneath the vote button) saying "Voted!" or something similar. After the contest ends, if I have won, I will use a random number generator to choose a winner. The comment at the top of the cue will count as comment #1, and I will work down sequentially. I will arrange the comments in order of the date they were left, starting with the oldest at the top.

To top it all off, the company running the contest is ALSO giving away an iPad to someone who votes. Even more things to win!

Please vote for me, and if you would like to be added to my daily vote reminder list, please comment below with your email address and I will add you

Thanks for your support, everyone! I know this is a weird update, but I figure I have a great community of support that I can reach out to here.
The contest ends July 23rd.
 Art update coming tonight!!


  1. I voted add me to your daily reminder list and wish me luck as I wish you luck!

    My comment is on your vote page so send my reminders to my facebook mail. Thanks!

  2. I voted, good luck.

    heather abbe

  3. i voted but lynn has too many never catch her :(

  4. I voted..good luck! PLease add me to your daily list mizpahmemories@yahoo.com

  5. cool giveaway!! email me reminders please! angelaqcrazy at gmail dot com.

    Thanks and good luck!

  6. Awesome!


  7. I'd like to be added to the email reminders. My address is in my profile. Thanks and GL!

  8. Awesome, I google + this and voted!

  9. I voted #1048


  10. I voted #1150

    June 23rd


  11. voted
    kelly king


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