Thursday, June 7, 2012

Robots - Grade 5/6

About 2 weeks ago, our school was setting up to do our big talent show. A HUGE portion of my class was in the show, and missed a morning of classes to practice. Since I only had about 10 kids left of my class of 34, I came up with a last minute art idea - Robot paintings! I had seen a lesson here a while back, and always had it in the back of my mind.

This lesson was incredibly last minute (I didn't realize my kids would be away that morning) so I had very little prepared for it. We did a discussion about features of robots - what is typical to see, how to draw a curved line (with little attached pieces that gradually curve.) Students were allowed to go in whatever direction they wanted.

To paint them, they used silver tempera paint. Following that, they used white and blue paint to shade the robots. This was a great lesson in gradation, and helped them make their robots 3D.

Once they had dried for a bit, students outlined them in Sharpie and added final details. For the finishing touch, they shaded the exterior portion using grey pencil crayons. This was a PERFECT last minute lesson!


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