Wednesday, July 4, 2012

end of year portraits - grade 6

Augh it's been forever! I am the worst at blogging right now. The last couple of weeks of school were incredibly busy. Then I had a long weekend, and now I am teaching summer school (math and English.) I feel like I haven't had two seconds of a break yet, so I have been awful at updating. Here goes though.

Every year for graduation, the grade sixes do self portraits. I think typically they do silhouettes (which I do love.) Since I got to help organize grad for the first time this year, I decided on a "POP" theme, and helped the kids to make pop art style self portraits!

I took a picture of the students, which they traced onto acetate paper. They projected them onto a wall, and traced their portrait onto construction paper using Sharpie. Then, they colored it in using pastels. When they were finished, they traced different tracers to make the letters of their names, which they again colored in using pastels. I laminated their work before we mounted them in the gym. I LOVE how they turned out!

I have many more amazing pictures but unfortunately I took them after they were laminated, and there's a bad glare on the pictures. I do have to post this one however, just to show the AMAZING lettering!
I really wish I had taken more before the laminating! Lesson learned.

Hope everyone's summer is going well! I still have many more updates backlogged on my camera. Will keep posting when I find the time!

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  1. These are wonderful! We all have trouble blogging don't sweat it~


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