Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dried glue value pumpkins - grade 5/6

Here's a project that I saw last year on A Faithful Attempt. I kept it in the back of my mind, to use during the Fall this year. Even though the example I had seen was done by 7th grade students, I was pretty sure it would work well with my grade 5/6's.

On day one, students drew their pumpkins very lightly using a pencil. Then, they used clear glue on black paper to trace their pencil lines. We put them aside, and let them dry for a day.

The following day, they used chalk pastels to color in the pumpkins, using different shades of orange, and black and white, to create value. They colored in the ground and sky, focusing on blending colors for interest. Finally, they used little dots of sparkles to make a starry sky. As always - very proud of their work!

I have a good little backlog of projects developing, including several more Halloween ones, so hopefully you'll be seeing some more posts from me this weekend!


  1. These are stunning. I like the way the glue lines are irregular and the blending of the chalk has been very well executed. My class of 6 year olds tried using glue lines on tepees which they loved doing. We used oil pastels for colour, but I think your idea of chalk is more successful. I will try. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! Good luck trying with chalk pastels!

  2. Lovely work. I love all the pumpkin projects around at the moment! This is one of the best! :)Elizabeth

  3. They look fabulous! I especially love the way they fill the space of the paper. Nice job!


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