Monday, January 7, 2013

Nutcrackers in golden frames - grade 1/2

 Here's a cute, simple project I did with grade 1/2, in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. I've always loved nutcrackers - something about their boxy faces and giant teeth that I just can't resist. I used the poster from the Nutcracker movie as inspiration for how to draw these simplified nutcrackers.

Students got to pick a frame from the Melissa and Doug picture frame pad (can't recommend this enough!) then sat down to begin their work. We did a group draw to make the exterior of the nutcrackers - students started with the heads, filling in the eyes, mouth, nose and mustache, then traced straight lines down to the edge of the paper to make the bodies.

When they were finished adding in buttons, lapels, and any other details, they traced their drawing with thin Sharpie. Even though we use Sharpies all the time, the thin Sharpies were a big novelty for them. They were so excited to be using what felt like a pen in art class!

The next time they came to my class, they colored in their nutcrackers using markers. Very cute, very simple project!

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