Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall scarecrows - grades 2/3

It feels odd to be writing about a grade 2/3 project now that I'm at an intermediate school, but actually, this is a project a friend of mine did with a grade 2/3 class she supply taught for. I thought it was so great that I had to share!

Here's what she told me about the process:

"We used wax crayons with a watercolor wash on top for the sky. It was a grade 2/3 class, and the period was 80 minutes long. It could be a two day project as well. We did a group draw for the scarecrow. I didn't have enough permanent markers, otherwise I would have gotten them to outline their scarecrows before coloring with crayons. Instead, the black outline is crayon."

Aren't they absolutely adorable? Seeing this made me feel a little pang of sadness that I no longer teach elementary art. I really had fun with projects like this!

Thanks to Jules for sharing this!

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