Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pop Art - grade 7

It's been suuuuch a long while since I've updated! Waiting for a baby will do that you, I imagine.

I'm currently on leave already, and I've thought a lot about how that will change my blog. It shouldn't be too different though - regardless of if I'm crafting with a group of kids or not, I'm always crafting on my own, or working on my house, or doing something, so I'll have lots to share in the year that I am off! Plus, once my baby arrives, I'm sure I'll want to share a few pictures.

This project is one that was done by an art teacher at my school. She's amazing - she works with the grade 7 and 8 classes, while I do the grade 6 art. I learned a lot from her this year. She's very process driven in her projects, teaching a lot about the foundations of an art style before jumping into a project. As a result, the artwork the kids produce is stunning. I have a few of her projects which I'll be sharing over the next while (and still a healthy backlog of my own!)

These popart prints were beautiful, and quite large in person. I'm pretty sure each of the pictures was a full sheet of drawing paper, then they were attached from behind. I can't wait to share more of her art projects!


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