Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Simple alphabet matching activity

Here's a quick and easy snack activity (snack-tivity?) that my daughter LOVED. 

Have you seen IKEA's KEX crackers? They're cute little letter crackers that are kind of delicious too.

Lately, my daughters favorite thing to do is find things that are "matchy-matchy!" She will match a dinosaur toy to her dinosaur pants. A stuffed animal to its character in a book. A few days ago she yelled MAMA COME HERE QUICK!!  I dropped everything and rushed to her room, only to have her show me that her sock color "matchy-matchy'd" a hippo on Hungry Hungry Hippos. 

So when I saw these crackers, I knew they'd be great for matching alphabet letters. I made up a quick printout with letters the same size as the KEX crackers. 

Then I set up a bowl of crackers and let her play. She loved it!

Seriously. Easiest and quietest snack time ever. 

Need a copy of this printout? Let me know and I can link you one!

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