Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I feel as though I haven't updated in a while! I started back at school this week, teaching my 5/6 split. We did our first art project of the year on Friday, and to my dismay, it DIDN'T WORK! I am bummed, so I am coming up with a new project to do this week to make up for Fridays failure. I don't even feel inspired to post pictures!

I will, however, show off my Dracu-lamp. (I am very proud of this pun.(

So we will start with the lampshade. I had this hideous lampshade to work with.
 I started by buying some plain off white fabric, which I traced the lampshade onto.
 I quickly realized that my piece wasn't even long enough, and knew I'd have to slide in an extra triangle of fabric. This didn't end up mattering though, since I was covering it with more fabric afterwards.
 This is what it looked like when it was pinned:
 then sewn:
Next, I took the second fabric and started to pin/glue it on top.
 I wrapped it alllll around..
 And glued it all around the edges..

 Next I grabbed these little statues. I bought them for 45 cents at Liquidation world. I chose the guy, since I loved the base.
I had Joel drill a hole into his head, the size of my broken lamp base. 
 (Here's the broken lamp base.)
 I strung the little buddy through the base, and glued him in tight!
 Next I took him outside and spray painted him bronze.

And I was done!

I am going to change the lampshade - it ended up seeming much too big for the little lamp guy. I am going to do the same pattern, just smaller.

One of my students said my "goth lamp" was "creeping him out". Glad to know I'm making a difference in their lives!

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