Monday, September 19, 2011

Falling into outer space

A while ago, I saw this amazing project on, where kids draw themselves as if they are falling into outer space. Since I am currently doing outer space with the grade 6's, it seemed like the perfect first art project for the year!

Below are a few process pictures, and some final project pictures.
 Tracing hands.

 Tracing feet.

 Above is some of the final projects on display. Below are some great examples of the project (really, all turned out so well.)
 Love the details in these two.
 So neat.
Very proud of my kiddies!! I definitely have a super artistic class - I could never have done art like this at 11 years old!


  1. Very cool. I want to do this!

  2. These look like they were drawn by hipsters. I think you've learned the secret to graphic design. They look amazing.


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