Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paper cuts - grade 5/6

For Valentine's day, I really wanted to try doing paper cutting with my grade 5/6's. I made the example above using a template I found here. I used techniques for creating the design (darkening the part you want to cut out, etc.) that I found here.

This ended up being one of those projects that my students just seemed to have difficulty with. I didn't have a ton of examples ready, which may have been one of the reasons why they found it hard. I also think it's just daunting for them to do such intricate cutting, while most of them are using dull school scissors. Some of them ended up cutting out parts that they had intended to leave in. There was definitely some frustration with this one, but that is a fact of life when doing art. All of that all being said, I love the way the finished projects turned out!

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  1. This is similar to a project I taught my kiddos about "Wycinanki" (vee chee nan key)Polish Folk art. :) It is so challenging for them- I did a very simple version with my 3rd graders and it was basically creating symmetric layered flowers and that alone was a feat! Thanks for sharing :)


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