Thursday, March 1, 2012

Todd Oldham for Target - are you excited?

I've been seeing a lot of buzz on the internet about Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern collection for Target. I am actually REALLY excited about these products, although I am not sure about the classroom application. I haven't found anywhere on the internet that has a list of exactly what is to be released, but from what I've seen, there will be paints (watercolor and tempera style), crayons of many sizes, pencil crayons, craft kids, jewelry kids, pom poms, papers, pipe cleaners, etc. Markers too, I wonder?

Take a look at the craft kits - Board book Kit, Make-a-Frame Kit, Block party kit, comic book kit. It definitely wouldn't be feasible to buy kids like that for a whole class, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be good to buy 1 of, then use it as inspiration to make similar kids that could be used by several kids.

It all comes out on May 20th, and I am already racking my brain for ideas on how to get some of these products to my home in Canada. This seems like the kind of line that's going to sell out quickly, and I don't know if these will be permanent items or not.

Is anyone else excited about this line? Any ideas on how to use it in the classroom?


  1. I have not seen this at all...very cool!!!

    1. Exciting right?? I hope I am able to get my hands on some of it!

  2. Hi, great blog, I came across it via smART class....I love your Laurel Burch cats in the previous post. I look at her work and have done cats based on her style with my 3rd graders. When you have time check out my blog artmuse67 :)


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