Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ikea inspired art - grade 6

This lesson isn't actually mine, but one that the other grade 6 teacher in my class did with his class. I really loved his idea and inspiration, so I thought I would sneak a few photos and share with you guys!

He got his inspiration from a piece of fabric that he purchased at Ikea during the summer (found here.)

He did a lesson on drawing cartoon faces, using various worksheets that he has (seen below) to give students an idea of how to do different expressions. He then had them begin drawing on a piece of 11 x 17 paper, filling the page with all different shapes and sizes of faces (I particularly love the ones that go right off the page - something I would encourage them to do if I were teaching the lesson!)

He then had students pick a few colors that they would use to color in the drawing, leaving some key sections white, as seen on the Ikea fabric.

It's a really simple lesson, and was perfect for the beginning of the year. I wish I had a photo of them all hung up together because they look really great!


  1. Great idea - My kids love cartooning, and this is a little bit different! I can imagine they would make a fantastic mass display!

  2. I always thought Ikea had great fabrics! This lesson really came out great!

  3. nice pics these guys are great artists and could make money by being artists when they grow up

  4. These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing

    Kate Eshelman
    k-12 Art
    Galatia, IL


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