Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another art camp goodie - hand lettered quotes!

Hand lettering is one of my favorite things to do. As someone that can't really draw, it's always been something that I am able to fine tune and feel a moderate amount of success with. I decided to try a hand lettering project with students for the first time today, and I will definitely be doing it again!

The first thing we did was look at hand lettered quotes on google. We studied them, and talked about the features (most of them are written into a square shape, and feature different styles of text for teach line.) We also talked about how certain words were larger, implying that they're a more important part of the quote.

Campers then chose their own quotes, and did a rough draft into a square shape. When they were confident with their writing, they lightly traced the squares onto good paper, and copied down their quote. Using a fine Sharpie, they hand lettered using a variety of styles of writing.

The last magic part of the equation was hand dying the paper using the ol' shaving cream and liquid watercolor technique (do you know this one? If not, I will post a tutorial.) Since we had taped the papers down to our placemats using painters tape,  the shaving cream went around the tape, leaving  a beautiful crisp, white border when they were done. Many kids voted this their favorite project so far!


  1. I am so into string colors like these!

  2. These are really great. Please explain how to do the shaving cream technique. Love the tape frame!

  3. Looks great and great media literacy idea. Only problem is I don't know the shaving cream technique. Please help me out!


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