Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1 point perspective optical illusion on collage background

Well it's sure been a long time since I've updated - this is mostly due to the fact that my summer camp is in full swing, so I just haven't had time to get on the computer! Days are spent 100% with the kids (no lunch or recesses by myself anymore!) and after camp is when I plan, prep, and rest! Camp has been running for a week and 2 days, and so far, I'm having a wonderful time. It's been all I was hoping for. I can't wait to write more about it, but for today, I am just dying to share a project!

This is the first project I do for the week with my camp groups. The week one projects were just as fantastic, but my camera was dead so I missed getting photos. I found the idea here, and even though it was done by high school students, I knew it would adapt well for my art camp kids (grades 3-8!)

Students started by making a collage with the "color story" of their choice onto a piece of foam core. It's really interesting to watch them choose colors - some have trouble going off the grid, but I try to keep reminding them that it's a color story, it doesn't have to be ALL one color (so if they chose orange, they can use yellows and reds - but in the end, the overall message should be orange.)

The next day, they do basic one point perspective drawings using a variety of shapes, onto a separate paper.  The shapes are colored in with gold Sharpie, and the lines are colored in using colors that match their color story.

I think they're just beeeauuutiful!!


  1. How cool! They came out great! I love the collage background with them! :)

  2. There is a lovely combination of tone and colour in the background. The effect of the perspective art going off the page is great. I did perspective art yesterday, but this has offered me another lesson, especially appealing to the boys. Thanks, I'll be pinning this.

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