Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Back to blogging

Oh hey guys!

So it's been a while...Like a long while. A long enough while to give me some trepidation about re-enteting the blogosphere.

I've been absent from this blog for the better part of three years. There are many reasons for this - motherhood being a big one (I've doubled my number of kids from a mere one to a mindboggling TWO since I last wrote.)

As well, my most recent teaching assignments have been less art-heavy and more other-subjects-heavy. What can I say about this? Schools aren't focusing as much on specialists and are going for more for the teachers-teach-everything approach.

That being said, my heart is still brimming with art and DIY ideas. So my plan is to come back to this blog and use it for whatever is inspiring me or motivating me at the time. I still plan to do lots of art tutorials, but I will mix in more house decor, craft ideas for grown ups, and maybe even a little bit about motherhood.

On that note, here's to (somewhat) new beginnings!

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