Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby shoes

I'm still on my maternity leave and am really enjoying myself. I've had three wonderful months so far, and still have another 9 MONTHS to play with my girl.

I of course need something to do to keep me busy while she's sleeping (which sometimes doesn't feel often, but it does happen!) so I have started making baby shoes! I began one night about a month ago by making my girl a pair of moccasins out of an old pleather purse. Since then, I've had fun playing around with different styles, fabrics and leathers to refine my shoes!

 I am running a giveaway for a pair of my baby shoes on my Instagram @LittleYetiShoes - I'd love a reader to win them! I also have some pairs for sale on my Etsy page!

Before I leave, I'll share a few pictures of my little family! This was my husband and I with Juliet, at about 10 weeks old.

and here's Juliet's progress from 1 month to 3 months old! I can't believe how quickly time goes by.


  1. I sure do wish I had a baby, or a friend who had a baby. Those shoes are adorable! You are such a creative person! Good luck and enjoy your sweet baby!

  2. The shoes are truly amazing! How long did you take to complete all of them? They look like the magical shoes from the Enid blyton's story about the shoemaker :)

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  4. I love these shoes. They look great with a suit or with a sundress. They are so comfortable and work for all day wear. I might have to buy another pair or two to stow away for when this one wears out!

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